Press Type:

4x Goss Community SCC Towers

2x Goss Community SCC Towers

Folder Type:

2x Goss SCC J1:2

1x Goss SCC J1:2

1x Goss Quarter Fold

Speed Capacity:



32 Page Full Colour Tabloid

16 Page Full Colour Tabloid

Cut Off:


Web Width:

Max: 820mm – Min: 380mm

Reel stands Splices:

Megtec Zero Speed Fully Automatic 

Label System:

By hand


Fairpak Plastic Bundle Wrap


3x From Semi Automatic

Stitch and Trim System:

1x Muller Martini Valore, capable of 6000 cph

Glossy cover insertion capability

4x Stitching Heads

Hand Load

6x Insert Stations


The following key areas are addressed by Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Regulations:

·         Planning for hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control

·         SHE management programme

·         Structure and responsibility

·         Training and awareness competence

·         Consultation and communication

·         Operation Control

·         Emergency preparedness and response

·         Performance measuring, monitoring and improvement

·         All the relevant laws, ordinances and regulations.


Because we do not have any backup in the Namibian market, Newsprint Namibia has ensured that we have backup and redundancy in every aspect of our operation.